Day 14: Genesis 33-37

And so the convoluted journey of fallen, chosen humanity continues...or should I say chosen, fallen humanity? It seems not to matter much. What is evident can be clearly seen in lives governed by the 'flesh'...because of sin, we are prone to fall. Here, anger and vengeance, pride and favoritism, jealousy and hatred all dictate reactions that resolve nothing and create greater problems. Sin begets sin. Sin complicates life. Sin devastates humanity and leaves a trail of hopelessness.

However, you and I both know this because we have read these pages before. We are only 37 chapters into the Book of books, and sin does not and cannot have the final say! Indeed, through the treachery of sin, God is proving that He works in and in spite of sinful humanity. He is working out His salvation plan. This we know! And, remember this, the Gift of His Holy Spirit is central to that salvation plan. We do not have to live as slaves to sin! The Son has set us free, sealed us with the promised Holy Spirit and promised us Help now and holiness forever more. The Bible is rich with promises to this end. Come, join the conversation over the next several Sundays as we talk about Christian Holiness and Entire Sanctification. We can live victoriously...this, too, is a gift of God's grace.

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