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Day 57: Numbers 16-20; Mark 7:1-23*
by Jonathan Merki on February 26th, 2023
Today we will focus on the sacrament of baptism in our 'We Believe' series of Sunday sermons. You will hear an expression I first remember hearing from one of my seminary professors, Dr. Rob Staples: 'an outward sign of an inward grace.' Our reading today illustrates that well (Mark 7:1-23*). Ceremonial washing was a part of ritual worship established in the days of Moses in the wilderness. It ext...  Read More
Day 38: Leviticus 4-6; Matthew 25:1-30
by Jonathan Merki on February 7th, 2023
On Sunday, Pastor Deserea had us all say, "No!" Basically anything that is unlike God, displeases Him, or keeps us from an unbroken relationship with Him is to be avoided at all costs. Likewise, she had us all say, "Yes!" to the limitless possibilities in embracing Christlikeness. Early on in the wilderness journey, Israel encountered God's awesome holiness. We read the fear and awe accounts. In o...  Read More
Day 14: Genesis 33-37
by Jonathan Merki on January 14th, 2023
And so the convoluted journey of fallen, chosen humanity continues...or should I say chosen, fallen humanity? It seems not to matter much. What is evident can be clearly seen in lives governed by the 'flesh'...because of sin, we are prone to fall. Here, anger and vengeance, pride and favoritism, jealousy and hatred all dictate reactions that resolve nothing and create greater problems. Sin begets ...  Read More
Day 2: Genesis 3-5; Matthew 2
by Walt Martin on January 2nd, 2023
In Matthew 2 we watch the truth of God's prediction in Genesis 3:15...  Read More