Day 20: Genesis 46-48; Matthew 15:21-39

While Jesus' comment about what comes out of the mouth (Matthew 15:11) is in a negative context...he was speaking of what is in the heart, and pointing to the hypocrisy of the's readings make me think of the positive. Consider Jesus (Matthew 15:21-39) and all He said and did that came from His heart...teaching, healing, feeding...blessing the people. Now, look back to Jacob. He acknowledged the blessing of God in his life (Genesis 48:3-4) and out of that, he speaks blessing on others. He blesses Joseph's sons (Genesis 48:9-20). He blesses Pharaoh (Genesis 47:10). He blesses his whole family (Genesis 49:1-28) and the historian concludes that 'he blessed each one with a suitable blessing' (v.28, CSB).

Blessing is more than saying words. Blessing is speaking life into others. Blessing has power to influence for good. Blessing is prayer, and we know that God answers prayer. We know God's plan is to bless us (Jeremiah 29:11-14). In fact, we have God's blessing that He prays over us (Numbers 6:22-27 - check it out). Read Jacob's blessing over Joseph's sons and watch what he says come true as we read the Story of God's Redemption unfold (All of the Northern Kingdom is often referred to as Ephraim - the blessed younger son of Joseph). When you read Genesis 49 tomorrow, you will marvel at the unfolding prophecies over Jacob's sons, including the promise of the Messiah through Judah...yes, it's there. Blessing is power for Good.

Be a blesser! Bless God! Bless others! Watch God work through your life of blessing for the good of others...for His Kingdom!
Photo by Miriam G on Unsplash.

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